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Homeschool Information

In Ohio, parents interested in educating their children at home may do so by notifying their local school district superintendent and meeting the requirements of Ohio law to home school. If requirements are met, the district superintendent releases the student from required compulsory school attendance.

If you wish to homeschool your child, the parent or guardian must notify the superintendent of the public school district where your family resides about your intention to homeschool your school-age child or children. Failure to notify the school district of residence the family is homeschooling its child or children will result in truancy.

The notification includes:

  • Home Address
  • Student Name
  • Student Age

Please send notification to the Superintendent's Office:
Meagan Brown

Ohio law requires all children between the ages of six and 18 to attend school. Notification must be received no later than the first week of the start of the public school building the child would attend in the school district of residence or within one week of the date on which the child begins to reside in the district or within one week from the child's withdrawal from a school. 

Ohio Department of Education & Workforce Homeschool Information