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FCS Brand Guidelines

Findlay City Schools is an integral part of the community and should be recognized as such. These branding standards were written to hold the brand of Findlay City Schools in the highest regard. A brand is more than a logo; it is the voice we use to tell the cohesive story of Findlay City Schools.
These guidelines are the tools we use to act, look, & speak as one unified school district. By abiding by these standards, you’ll help to protect and nurture the brand of Findlay City Schools.



PANTONE: 2370C HEX: #2c3b98 CMYK: (71, 61, 0, 40) RGB: (44, 59, 152) PANTONE: 109C HEX: #ffd202 CMYK: (0, 18, 99, 0) RG


Because all screens and printers vary in their output of color, these codes will help ensure color accuracy. 
  • Pantone: A standardized color language for uniformity
  • Hex: for websites & coding
  • RGB: for screens & Devices
  • CMYK: For professional printing
These are the only approved colors for Findlay City Schools.
When working with vendors, please require this exact blue & gold.
Items with inaccurate colors will be removed from circulation.



Typeface & Fonts

Official items & communications should use the Poppins typeface with Regular, Medium, or Bold font.

Poppins Fonts Images


The official brand name of Findlay City Schools should use Poppins Bold above Poppins Regular.

Findlay City Schools


These are the only approved typefaces & fonts for Findlay City Schools.
Other fonts may be used within documents, but not to alter logos or branded marks.
Taglines and Mission Statement


Unlocking the dreams of all students through academic excellence, diverse opportunity, and true belonging.

These are the only approved taglines & mission statement for Findlay City Schools.
Common Errors


Brand Usage
  • All elements of the FCS brand are available on the district website. Email with questions or requests for additional activity-specific logos.
  • It is your responsibility to correct any proofs from vendors. Communicate the correct branding information before placing an order.
  • Before purchasing or publishing any item containing an element of the FCS Brand, please submit to the Director of Communications for approval using the form below. 


District Logos