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November, 2014

This year the Ohio Department of Education is requiring a minimum number of hours of school versus the number of days students are required to attend in a school year. What does this mean for Findlay City Schools and your student? It means that every delay, already scheduled or weather related, will count against our total hours required by the state. In the 2014-2015 school year students in kindergarten - 6th grade are required to attend a minimum of 910 hours, and students in grades 7-12th grade a minimum of 1001 hours. In past years, students attended 180 days and the state allowed for 5 maximum calamity days. I will tell you with certainty, no district can cover the curriculum and operate effectively at the minimum hours the state is requiring.

We plan to work through the year with the adopted board calendar and will work to get the maximum amount of time possible for educators to be in front of your students. However, we will make decisions regarding weather with safety first and foremost for our students and employees. Administration will work together throughout the year to evaluate our time/hours used for calamity purposes and make the best possible decision in balancing safety and educating our young people. We have provided an Ohio Department of Education link: (ODE website) explaining the new minimum hours and what hours count.

Thank you for your cooperation and partnership in working to provide a quality education for your student(s).


Edward Kurt
Findlay City Schools


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