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Elementary Consolidation Recommendation

Below is a slideshow and recommendation that was presented at the November Board of Education meeting. The recommendation is to turn Washington Intermediate into the District's pre-school building and move administrative offices there from a rental facility. This follows the study, analysis, and discussion at the administrative level and a recommendation of a committee of teachers, administrators and parents who suggested changing the structure of our elementary buildings on the north side into K-3; 4-5 buildings and to redraw attendance areas. It is driven by declining enrollment, the need to continually operate as efficiently as possible with our taxpayers' money, and minimize the effect to students making sure they still have only two transitions (presently K-2 to 3-5, new K-3 to 4-5). At least five different plans were studied (see the green Discussion Draft 2-24-2012) before the recommendation was made to Dr. Wittwer.

Important Information Discussed on the Elementary Consolidation at the 11/14/2012 Board Meeting
Washington's third grade (this year's Jacobs 2nd graders) and third grade teachers will be moved to Jacobs for 2013-14 while Washington's fourth and fifth grades and fourth and fifth grade teachers will be moved to Bigelow Hill. Bigelow Hill's third grade (this year's Northview 2nd graders) and third grade teachers will be moved to Northview. 

Jacobs is now a K-2 building and will become K-3. 
Northview is now a preschool and K-2 building and will become K-3. 
Bigelow Hill is now a 3-5 building and will become 4-5. 

For Parents:
If your child is now a 2nd grader at Jacobs, s/he will remain at Jacobs for 3rd grade next school year. 
If your child is now a Northview 2nd grader, s/he will remain at Northview for 3rd grade next school year. 
If your child is now a Washington 3rd or 4th grader, s/he will be at Bigelow Hill for 4th or 5th grade next year. 
If your child is now a Washington 5th grader they will be going to the brand new Glenwood Middle School next year.

Please remember this will affect this year's 3rd and 4th graders at Washington and they would be attending Bigelow Hill which is the same floor plan building, built in the same year, and more green space for activities and outdoor education.

Elementary class sizes (grades K-5) presently average 22.4 students.  That number is not expected to change very much for 2013-14.  The above information is the basics. There will likely be individual exceptions based on where families may move and next year's projected enrollment and how elementary attendance areas might be adjusted.

We also want to take this opportunity to announce that we will now have pre-school AVAILABLE TO ALL for a modest tuition regardless of whether the parents live inside or outside the district. Pre-school plans will be forthcoming so please watch Findlay City Schools' website and local media coverage. Washington will remain a school in that it will house all of our pre-school children. We hope you read through the presentation and if you have questions, please feel free to e-mail us at bbish@findlaycityschools.org.

August 30, 2013